PhD Opportunities in Dementia Research

A research grant called DISTINCT (Dementia: Intersectorial Strategy for Training and Innovation Network for Current Technology) is currently recruiting for 15 full time PhD opportunities that include a competitive salary in locations in the European Union (EU). Both EU and NON-EU applicants are welcomed and occupational therapists are encouraged to apply. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria can submit separate applications to the different host institutions. Please refer to the detailed guidance, terms and conditions on the website before applying https://www.dementiadistinct.com/ The grant is funded by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSC-ITN) under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. Deadline for applications vary between May and June 2019. Interviews will be held in London, United Kingdom on the 1 & 2 July 2019.

2018 Summary

ROTOS continued the work on establishing a presence within the field of European Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science. We have developed collaborative partnerships with our COTEC and ENOTHE colleagues as well as cooperation with the the Board of Occupational Science Europe. ROTOS also conducted a survey with the National Associations who are members of COTEC to establish where current research activity is taking place.

ROTOS has received a number of invitations to present at conferences (RCOT 2018, ENOTHE 2018, WFOT 2018) and our submitted abstracts have been accepted which is providing the opportunity to discuss ROTOS with clinicians, educators and researchers.

In 2018 ROTOS achieved one of its goals of submitting a COST action for European funding. Over 20 researchers from around Europe worked together on the submission. If successful there will be funding available to run the networking activities that are required to achieve our aim of establishing a Europe wide network of Occupational Therapy researchers.

Growth is next step and establishing operating procedures for managing this growth is important step for 2019.

2019 Plans
• Continue to meet as a standing committee through Skype
• Formalise ROTOS as a legal entity
• Commence a Research Summary Brief Series in collaboration with
researchers on ROTOS database and COTEC Register of Experts
• Present at Polish National Conference, ENOTHE in Athens and OSE in
• Review feedback on COST Action
• Continue to build database of researchers interested in ROTOS
• Connect researchers with similar interests when requested
• Commence Twitter handle and promote occupational therapy research
• Attend policy related meetings in Europe when indicated
• Participate in OT Europe planning and discuss evolution of ROTOS in
short, medium and long term
• Assist with planning and promotion of COTEC-ENOTHE Congress 2020