The Executive Committee of OT-Europe, comprising of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of COTEC and ENOTHE, as well as the Chair and Vice-Chair of ROTOS, meets face to face twice a year and online every other month. The executive committee also engages in additional online meetings and maintains regular email contact as necessary. The following objectives guide the committee’s activities and collaborations, ensuring a cohesive and proactive approach to promoting the interests of occupational therapy across Europe:

· Share updates and information with each other about issues of common, or specific concern to the profession: practice, education and/or research.

· Address common concerns within the profession.

· Identify need for and formulate joint responses to European policies affecting occupational therapy.

· Draft position papers on relevant European policy and service user issues.

· Identify areas for development in occupational therapy practice, research, and education.

· Share issues raised by members of the respective organizations and provide feedback on issues deemed relevant to OT Europe.

· Identify members from COTEC and ENOTHE to represent OT-Europe in appropriate fora or events, thereby ensuring effective representation and dissemination of the committee’s initiatives and positions.

Caroline Fischl

ENOTHE President

Anu Söderström

COTEC President

Alison Laver Fawcett

ROTOS President

Giedre Sasnauskienè

ENOTHE Vice-President

Yara Peterko

COTEC Vice-President

Margo van Hartingsveldt

ROTOS Vice-President